304 Hot Rolled Stainless Steel Coil Strip
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304 Hot Rolled Stainless Steel Coil Strip

Our 304 Hot Rolled Stainless Steel Coil Strip is a premium quality product that conforms to international standards.
  • 304
  • C.J.M.
  • 7219340000
Product Description

304 Stainless Steel Strip Supplier is produced using the latest hot rolling technology, ensuring a superior surface finish and consistent thickness throughout the strip.

Chemical Composition


Composition (%)

Chromium (Cr)

18.0 - 20.0

Nickel (Ni)

8.0 - 10.5

Carbon (C)

0.08 max

Silicon (Si)

1.00 max

Manganese (Mn)

2.00 max

Phosphorus (P)

0.045 max

Sulfur (S)

0.030 max

Note: The precise chemical composition can be found in the product specifications.

Mechanical Properties



Yield Strength

215 MPa min

Tensile Strength

515 MPa min


40% min

Hardness (Brinell)

201 max

Note: The mechanical properties are typical values and may vary depending on the specific production process and product dimensions.

International Standards



ASTM A240/A240M

Standard Specification for Chromium and Chromium-Nickel Stainless Steel Plate, Sheet, and Strip for Pressure Vessels and for General Applications


Stainless steels - Part 2: Technical delivery conditions for sheet/plate and strip of corrosion resisting steels for general purposes

JIS G4305

Cold-rolled stainless steel plate, sheet and strip

Note: Our 304 Hot Rolled Stainless Steel Coil Strip conforms to these international standards, ensuring consistent quality and meeting the requirements of various industries and applications.


The 304 Hot Rolled Stainless Steel Coil Strip is widely used in various industries, including the automotive, construction, and chemical industries. It is commonly used in applications such as tanks, pipes, kitchen utensils, and architectural trim.

AISI 304 1.4301 Hot Rolled Stainless Steel Coil Strip is a high-quality product that meets international standards and exhibits excellent mechanical properties. Its precise chemical composition, superior surface finish, and consistent thickness make it suitable for a wide range of applications in various industries.


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