Is stainless steel a good material for making plate?
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Is stainless steel a good material for making plate?

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The invention and use of stainless steel can be traced back to the first World War. British scientist Henry Breerley was commissioned by the ordnance factory of the British government to study the improvement of weapons. At that time, the rifles used by soldiers were very easy to wear, and Brierley wanted to invent a kind of alloy steel that was not easy to wear. A lot of our life is stainless steel, such as kettle, thermos cup, chopsticks, plates, etc. Because of the improvement of safety awareness, more and more people will pay special attention to whether 304 stainless steel is the most important part of stainless steel when choosing stainless steel tableware. Many businesses will indicate that their products are 304. But really, can 304 stainless steel make dinner plates safely?

Here is the content:

  • Is stainless steel plate ideal

  • Specific test

Is stainless steel plate ideal

It can be used, but it is not an ideal tableware, because stainless steel contains a variety of metal elements, some of which are decomposed under the corrosion of vinegar or salt, and damage organs after eating into the human body. Therefore, if you want to achieve absolute food safety, you should still use plates made of ceramic or glass. Ceramic glass is made of oxide sintered at high temperature, and its corrosion resistance is very high, even if there are trace elements Jiena is just soil, which will not damage health after entering the human body. Heavy metal poisoning is accumulated over time, if the long-term intake of excessive heavy metals, it will lead to metal poisoning, life-threatening. Therefore, we all attach great importance to the safety of stainless steel plates.

Specific test

Everyone's worry is very reasonable - stainless steel tableware is in direct contact with food. If the stainless steel material is not up to standard, the heavy metals in it will be dangerous to migrate into food.

In fact, 304 is an American Standard, which is a brand of stainless steel produced according to American ASTM standards. 304 stainless steel contains 18% chromium and 8% nickel, which has good corrosion resistance. However, our national standard gb4806.9-2016 "metal materials and products in contact with food" does not specify the brand of food grade stainless steel, but stipulates that the stainless steel used in contact with food must meet five heavy metal migration indicators:

In other words, stainless steel tableware is allowed to add some heavy metals in the production process, but the amount of these metals migrating into the food can not exceed the provisions of the above standard. It is very likely to consume excessive heavy metals in the process of long-term use if it exceeds the requirements, which will cause irreparable losses to our lives. Therefore, we must pay attention to the content of various heavy metals in the plate when selecting, so as to avoid excessive intake.

From the standard point of view, to choose food grade 304 stainless steel as the material.

High quality stainless steel is needed to make dinner plate with stainless steel, but this kind of stainless steel generally has less output, complex process and high cost, and few products meet the relevant conditions. If you want to choose the stainless steel plate you are satisfied with, please come to Jiangsu C.J.M Stainless Steel Group to have a look. We have high quality stainless steel plate for you to rest assured to use. Tel. + 86-18092577236, post office



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