Bendable Brushed Roof Cold Rolled Steel Sheet
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Bendable Brushed Roof Cold Rolled Steel Sheet

201 Bendable brushed roof cold-rolled steel plate is a very good product, very popular.
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Product Description

201 Steel coil- a finished steel product such as sheet or strip which has been wound or coiled after rolling. In the light of experience gained during these years, classifies steel coils into  hot and cold- rolled types, or  stainless steel coil, bendable brushed roof cold rolled steel sheet and Galvanized Steel according to current products and international standards.

201 stainless steel

Bendable Brushed Roof Cold Rolled Steel Sheet coil produced when hot or cold rolled sheet or strip is coated with zinc, either by the hot-dipping or electrolytic deposition processes. Zinc coating applied by the hot dip method is normally heavy enough to resist corrosion without additional protective coating. Materials electronically galvanized are not used for corrosion-resistant applications without subsequent chemical treatment and painting, except in mild corrosive conditions, due to the thin coating of zinc. Galvanize is a pure zinc coating. A special heat-treating process converts the pure zinc coating to a zinc/iron alloy coating, and the product is known as Galvanneal. Galvanized sheet is used, e.g. in the automotive industry or in the production of roofing materials (e.g. flashing, guttering).

201 stainless steel

All grades of stainless steel plates

All grades of stainless steel plates


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