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Stainless Steel Manufacturing processes

We are professional stainless steel supplier, we have 15 sets of advanced and high -end precision equipment. In terms of hardware, efficient production and adequate quality are ensured by advanced fixtures equipped in all processes such as cold-rolling, annealing, tension levelling, slitting and etc.
reversing mill
Imported foruteen-high cold-roll reversing mill
Fourteen-high automatic reversing mill is the first cold rolling equipment in China with speed up to 400m/min, which can automatically detect thickness, correct deviation and ensure the overall tolerance within ±0.003mm
american twenty-high reversing mill
American twenty-high high-precision sendzimir reversing mill
American twenty-high high-precision sendzimir reversing mill runs at a speed up to 450m/min, which is able to automatically match rollers. Equipped with AGC automatic detour correction system, the overall tolerance can be ensured within ±0.002mm
stainless steel coil
Tension leveller
Twenty-three high tension leveller automatically inspects strip surface online, alarms for defects and keeps defect records for long strips to ensure accuracy of the production process and online data.
stainless steel process
Continuous bright annealing oven
Equipped with four sets of the largest horizontal continuous bright annealing ovens in China. The production capacity can reach up to 200 tons per day. The production capacity of the annealing overs is three times of that of traditional ones.


C.J.M. Stainless Steel Group Ltd  is a supplier and distributor of stainless steel, nickel, steel, aluminum, titanium, brass and bronze with world class production and quality control.






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