How to choose sheet metal?
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How to choose sheet metal?

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Stainless steel sheet metal is an important part of the normal production process. The correct choice of stainless steel sheet metal production materials, the finished product, performance, quality has a great impact. Sheet metal parts are products processed by sheet metal technology, which are often confused by beginners. The manufacturability of sheet metal parts refers to the difficulty of parts in the process of punching, bending, stretching and welding. So, how should we correctly choose stainless steel sheet metal material?

Here is the content:

  • Pay attention

  • Several common sheet metal materials

  • How to detect stainless steel sheet metal

  • Brief processing flow

Pay attention

First of all, when choosing stainless steel sheet metal, we should choose common metal materials, reduce the specifications and varieties of materials, simplify the process, and try to choose cheap materials on the premise of ensuring the function of products, which has a positive significance to reduce the cost of products. Secondly, for the cabinet or some relatively large stainless steel sheet metal shell products, we should fully consider the weight of the whole machine and the overall bearing capacity of the equipment; finally, we should also consider whether the selected materials can meet the processing requirements, because different materials have the different bearing capacity in the face of stamping and bending processes.

Several common sheet metal materials

Cold rolled sheet SPCC is the most commonly used material in stainless steel sheet metal processing, which is characterized by a low price, good mechanical properties and processability. The disadvantage is that there is no protection on the surface, and it is easy to be oxidized when directly exposed to the air, resulting in dark red rust. Therefore, the products made of stainless steel sheet metal cold rolled sheet need surface spraying and other protective treatment before leaving the factory. Electro galvanized steel sheet SECC material is widely used in electronic products, household appliances and the furniture market. It not only has the advantages of stainless steel sheet metal and cold rolled sheet, but also has superior corrosion resistance and a good decorative appearance. This kind of material is commonly used in computer cases in daily life. Stainless steel is also a common sheet metal material, which is characterized by good mechanical properties, strong corrosion resistance and heat resistance. We often use the electric kettle, in which the metal material is 304 stainless steel.

How to detect stainless steel sheet metal

At present, there are two kinds of stainless steel detection methods on the market. The first one is liquid medicine detection. The color of liquid medicine has been used to distinguish the true and false stainless steel. True stainless steel is not discolored.

The second method is spectrum detection, to detect the chemical composition of stainless steel, you can see the chemical composition of stainless steel on the display.

Brief processing flow

Stainless steel sheet metal is a common structural part, which can be widely used in many fields. The processing methods of stainless steel sheet metal parts are mainly welding and laser cutting, and have the advantages of light weight, good performance in stiffness, and high precision. Generally, the thickness of stainless steel sheet metal is less than 6 mm. Through a variety of cold processing technology, it is made into various shapes of parts. After cold working of stainless steel sheet metal, the thickness of stainless steel sheet metal parts can be changed to a more fixed thickness. However, as different uses of stainless steel sheet metal, we need to choose different stainless steel sheet metal materials.

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